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David G. Smith
David G. Smith
Item Purchased: Les Paulasaurus and BrontoCaster

Alright zoo attendees, please take a moment to examine the oldest member of the 'Elk tribe, Mr. David Smith. This gentleman is the first and most ancient Elk, having swapped guitars with the Duke boys for over 20 years. He's been around so long that, when Moses came down the mountain with the 15 Commandments, he asked Dave, who had been scuffling for berries to carry the third tablet. As they were walking down together, Dave saw the headstock of a King V sticking out of a bush, chunked the tablet he was carrying over a cliff, grabbed the guitar and broke into the metal version of "Shall We Gather at the River". Lord only knows what was on the third tablet, so if you want to know five more things we might have gotten away with, give us a call and we'll post Dave's telephone number.....