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Fred Jansz
Fred Jansz
Item Purchased: 1964 Firebird V

We're going to save everybody some money, especially you Firebird collectors. If you think that all the cool 'Birds are bought up here in the States and maybe there are a few to be had in Europe, please erase that thought from your head. Don't spend the money on a plane ticket. Don't book any hotels over in The Hague. Don't even bother to get some money converted to Euros in the hopes of finding a 'Bird across the water, because this gentleman, Mr. Fred Jansz has them all and he's got a T-shirt that says so. As possibly the premier Firebird collector on the other side of the planet and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet, Fred's one of our top Elks and has been appointed the newest Director of the Euro- American Guitar Relations Committee. Our hat's are off to you, Sir!