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Kenn Pierog
Kenn Pierog
Item Purchased: 2007 Gibson Angus Young Signature SG

Many of you out there in 'Elkland do not realize that Kenn auditioned for AC/DC in the summer of '74. As the story goes, Angus and Malcolm had a thing for their road manager's secretary. She was long legged, voluptuous and oozed sensuality (Austrailian style). She also had an insatiable appetite and made short work of the two Young brothers, but as with all things, one had to have her all to himself. Angus, having the cool school boy uniform and being the main draw had the upper hand and fired his brother right before the "Jailbreak" tour. Now Kenn was a stagehand and being a budding guitarist, seized the opportunity and was inserted into the band for their upcoming video shoot of the title song. Alas, fame and fortune would elude Kenn, for right after the shoot, the secretary that caused a civil war ran off with the guitar tech for the Scorpions and was never seen again. Inevitably, the two brothers made up and Kenn was out of a gig but if you look Closely at the Jailbreak video, you'll see him. Tired of being mocked and subjected to being the answer to a trivia question, Kenn opted for a life of anonymity. So, if you see him at a show or at an AC/DC convention, don't ask him for an autograph- just flash him the devil horns and smile....