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Scott Bradoka
Scott Bradoka
Item Purchased: Two of Many

Mr. Scott Bradoka just send this picture to us and enclosed was the following note:

"Dear Tall and Short Elks, I am in Bora Bora in rehab for a horrible affliction- Can'tstopcollectingthesedangedguitars-itus. It's a horrible addition to have because instead of eating lunch at McDonalds, I find myself spending my money on anything with six strings. Since you guys are partially responsible for my illness (yeah, right Scott- to the tune of two of the hundreds in this photo), I am sending you both two first class tickets to the island and hope that you will come down here for a couple of weeks and properly punish yourselves with tanned native girls and kooky, fruity drinks with umbrellas in them. It's the least I can do to pay you two hillbillies back for the agony you have helped to cause. With Love and Affliction, S.B."

Man, are we sorry for what we have done and will be on the first plane to Bora Bora with our grapesmugglers and Ray Bans. We've got to console our fellow Elk and well, if we just happen to find ourselves surrounded by tanned Superbabies, rest assured they will be in good hands.....Just like Allstate!