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Jeff  'Secret agent man' Calvert
Jeff 'Secret agent man' Calvert
Item Purchased: Cunetto Strats,Goldtops,Jacksons & who knows

This is a true account: nothing below is fictional. When Ian Flemming conducted his research to create the most famous fictional spy to ever grace the silver screen, (Bond, James Bond) he made a phone call to Washington to ask then head of the C.I.A John A. McCone for help defining the Standard operating procedures and mannerisms of a double naught spy. McCone, having his hands full with the Cuban Missile crisis and answering only to JFK, appointed a then unknown Special Opts agent, "Jeff Calvert" to assist. Being astute, Flemming followed him closely, letting nothing escape his keen eye and painstakingly recreated "Jeff's" routine to bring us the most authentic representation of a modern day agent. You see, without "Jeff" there would be no magnetic Rolex's, camera pens or projectile cuff links. (and we all thought Q was responsible for that). Thank you, "Jeff" for keeping us safe and while I'm at it, thank you for your many guitar purchases from us. Makes you feel all 'Elkish, doesn't it.