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Randy Ehrfurth
Randy Ehrfurth
Item Purchased: Anything with Six Strings!

If you've ever been to the Dallas Guitar Show, you may have noticed several stages there with three day's worth of major national and international acts playing. There is one guy that's responsible for the handling of these acts, the smooth transition from one stage's entertainment ending and another one starting on time, the loading, unloading and transportation of tons of gear and the assembly of the stages and soundchecking of the P.A.'s. That one person would be none other than our own 'Elk Nation member and front- of- house extraordinaire, Mr. Randy Ehrfurth. Take it from us, when the Dallas Guitar show is on, this guy doesn't eat or sleep for three days- well, we did see him chase an armadillo across the parking lot with a knife and fork once, but that was towards the end of the show and he was bound to be pretty hungry by then. Another way to put his talent and dedication into perspective is, if Jimmy Wallce is the great and powerful OZ, then Randy is the guy behind the curtain, pulling the levers and pushing the buttons. We love ya, Randy- you've always been one of our favorites!