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Kevin 'Uncle Kebo' Borden
Kevin 'Uncle Kebo' Borden
Item Purchased: 1977 Rickenbacker 4001

Now here's a great one; "Uncle Kebo", as he's known among bass circles eased into our booth on dealer day and from that first moment, it was on. Lee saw him eyeing this Ricky bass and moved over to engage the Uncle in some distracting conversation. I, on the other hand, unsheathed the 'Elk version of the proverbial "jawbone of an ass"- our Frankie B. Signature Model length of #4 rebar and snuck around and under the table. Lee and Uncle Kebo were just arriving at the price we would like to get for the bass when I reached back and cracked the 'ol Uncle in his left shin as hard as I could. Dropped him like a sack of potatoes and when he hit the ground, I gave him my Barry Bonds, homerun #715 smash to the forehead. Now, he's out. so we took half of the money out of his bass bag (approx. $17,652.23), wrote him a receipt, stood him up, put this bass in his hands and took the picture. Then, Lee told him that Oz was in the back of the room and all he had to do was walk through that big field of flowers in front of him- 'ol Uncle Kebo just nodded and woozily walked out of the booth with a somewhat lighter money bag in one hand and this bass in the other. Usually, Kebo's full of jokes and laughter but for the rest of the weekend, he didn't seem to say much, other than "I'm off to see the wizard".....All kidding aside, Kevin's a staple in the worldwide bass community and contributing editor for Premier Guitar Magazine. Well- respected, well- liked and now a member of the mighty 'Elk Nation in good standing. What more could a bass player ask for?