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Diamond Jim B.
Diamond Jim B.
Item Purchased: Many Vintage and Boutique Amps

"Hey boys, I'm coming over". This is the call we both love and fear; Diamond Jim's latest visit resulted in the sale of a '73 Marshall head, but you can believe us when we say it's dang hard to negotiate price with a guy that has a Thompson machine gun laying across his lap. Jim smokes unfiltered Home Run cigarettes and knows his stuff like nobody else when it comes to amps and their applications. He slowly tapped his manicured fingernails on the trigger of his Tommy gun, looked at Lee and said, "So, how much did you boys say you wanted for this old thing"? I thought for a minute that we were going to have to pay Diamond Jim $100.00 just for taking the amp and letting us live until Lee pops out with, "Hey Mr. Diamond, did I ever metion that my brother is a fraud inspector with the IRS"? End result: Jim paid us full price for the amp, left the Tommy gun as a present to Lee's brother and if we ever want to visit Las Vegas, the rooms are free. We just hope 'ol Jim never finds out that Lee's brother is really just a retired census taker.....