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Gil Southworth
Gil Southworth
Item Purchased: 1964 Firebird III & 1964 Gibson Southern Jumbo

We were paid a rare visit at the Spartanburg Guitar show by the reigning emperor of the planet Ziskquar and last living Knight of the Roundtable, Sir Gil Southworth. We thought it would be a great spectacle, loaded with much pomp and circumstance, but it actually was as subtle as Gil moseying into our booth and asking, " You boys got any 64's"? In trying to anticipate the needs of visiting foreign dignitaries, we just so happened to have these two vintage beauties under the table and after pulling them out and handing them to Sir Gil, we held our breaths. He quietly inspected them and asked if we would consider "stones" as payment. How do you refuse the ruler of another planet? We nodded our heads in assent and he proceeded to dump a five- pound bag of uncut rubies and emeralds onto our table. Seemed like a good deal to us and before he left I managed to snap this picture before being turned into a glob of quivering jello by his amber inferno Spectra- vision ray. (Thanks goodness the effects eventually wore off- Lee had to drive the van all the way home because I had no arms) Ladies and Gentlemen, he's known by many names and titles: The Godfather, The Maestro and Sir Gil but we know him primarily as the newest member of the mighty Elk Nation and if only for that reason alone, we just call him Gilvis.....