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Pat Lassiter
Pat Lassiter
Item Purchased: Any Good Bass Guitar

Here's a funny thing: Pat and I have talked on and off for several years without ever meeting. He'd always promise to stop by and help us on our hog farm when he was in town, but after all this time, he hasn't fed the first hog. So, this tall guy walks by with a Gibson Grabber bass at the Nashville show with a very lovely lady by his side and we start talking about the bass he has. We start scrapping' about the price and just when I thought I had him where I wanted him, his beautiful partner in crime steps in and gets me for more. It was a tag- team effort not seen since the glory days of WCW wrestling and after it was over, even I had to tip my hat at the teamwork. Come to find out, this guy I've been finagling with is my old buddy (that, once again never helped me feed the first hog) Mr. Pat Lassiter. He's the bassist for country music superstar Tracy Lawrence and a first- class gentleman from top to bottom. It was a great pleasure to finally meet him and is a testament to why you'll never hear me complain about sellin' guitars and meetin' rock stars. Welcome, Pat- we're glad to have you with us!