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Frank Simons
Frank Simons
Item Purchased: 1977 Musicman Stingray Bass

Frank travelled a good part of a rainy Saturday to visit us here at the 'Elk cave and we were pleased and honored to have him. Come to find out, he's a member of Georgia's venerable Law Enforcement Agency and the current police chief for the beautiful city of Valdosta, Ga. That means, that he's the man that caught every bad guy in South Georgia for over three decades and he even has a micro- chip warrant alert system. When he walked into the room, we heard a slight beeping noise and as he was looking at this bass, informed Lee that he'd better pay that 2 year old parking ticket or he'd find himself in the pokey. We're very proud to have him as a member of our troop and have made him our very own 'Elk Swat Squad Constable. Thanks for the visit, Frank and welcome!