1977 Gibson Les Paul Custom Natural


Gibson Les Paul Custom 1977

Case:  Original Tolex

Weight: 10 lbs 5 oz

Originality: Of course, completely

Condition: Exceptional

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Yeah, you know when you’re a kid, your parents tell you to reach for the stars. Later in life, your wife tells you to reach for the brass ring and now, in middle agedom, what are you reaching for? Some, well they reach for the remote while others are reaching for a time portal to their youth. As for me? Well, I still look back, via some Van Halen and a shot of whiskey, but hey- I’m looking for peace and tranquility and of course, “a pair.”

You know, when you’re a kid, your dad gave you the advice about, when facing down that bully on the playground, to “grow a pair.” Much different than that pair you first enjoyed as a teenager from your very own teen queen. But, without facing down that bully and the growth of “a pair,” you would have never enjoyed the aforementioned teen queen pair, now would you?

Great “pairs” is where I’m going with this people. When I think of the greatest pairs in history, of course, I think of Mick and Kieth, Paul and Gene, Dean and Jerry, and the Bandit and the Snowman. And, who could forget Les and Mary? Since we are of linear thoughts, you can naturally see what a great “pair” this guitar would be with it counter part a “Marhall” JCM would be the complete paring.
Yes this pair would be something you could enjoy without having to explain the lipstick on your collar to “She who walks in the night.”

As you can clearly see in the photos, this girl has lived the sheltered life and look- I know what you’re thinking: “Lee, how can I get this delicious, decadent and delightful debutante? Quite elementary Watson, make the call. This 10 lb, 5 oz little girl is all business when you crank her through that aforementioned sibling.

“Famous pairs,” my friend is the theme and what better way to close it down than with the original scream dream team of Ginger and Mary Ann. Why have the debate fellas on which one would be better? The lady or the tramp, you can have them both and that, my friend is “being the Skipper” if’n you know where I’m coming from…

This Les Paul is all here, all you need now is Ginger.


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