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1962 Gibson SG Junior

SG Junior
Cherry Red
I remember being a kid and trying to learn that iconic lick in "Mississippi Queen." You remember that one, right? Before YouTube and Hot licks, you had to pick the needle up off the record player and try your dead level best to replicate the sounds coming from those Soundesign speakers your Mom got you for Christmas.

Today's child prodigies are like dime store cowboys; There is one in every Guitar Center but there was a time when we guitarists had to either be gifted in theory or have the patience of Job.

To pay our pittance to the Rock Gods that came before us was indeed an arduous task. Hours and hours of practice in hopes that we could cop that one lick that eluded us. I've made up cuss words while doing this sacred dance. I remember trying to learn a Rick Emmett acoustic solo once and it took me a week straight to get it.

Now, you just dial into YouTube and presto! You got all the cheat sheets. What does all that have to do with this guitar? Heck, I don't know but I had these thoughts because of the era this guitar came from and the many trials guitarists go through. To find the right guitar with the right neck and to complete the trifecta, the tone that speaks to you.

We guitarists are as anal about guitars as women and their hand bags. This guitar has that it factor we all look for and as I said before about vintage guitars, if Gibson would make a guitar out of old growth wood instead of trying to make it look old, then we (the guitar buying public) would eat it the hell up. Something about an aged guitar that just gives it character. If you've been seeking for exactly that, then look no more. We got you, but come to think of it, we always have...

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