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1967 .Rickenbacker 625

** ON HOLD FOR HUGUES ** That's right- this is 7 lbs, 6 oz of vintage toaster top, cresting wave sweetness. I couldn't help myself when Lee rolled into the 'Elkcave with this little gem and I just had to sit down with it for a short spell to check it out. To me (and I'm only a bass player,) this guitar was made for strumming chords. The width of the neck at the nut is 1 5/8", so it felt very comfortable to me and I have average- sized mitts. The guitar "sits" well, and when strapped on, you hardly notice it's there. I think it would be interesting to see a guitarist take one of these vintage Ricks and plug it into a stack of Marshalls. Oh, I'd also throw a TS-9 in the mix just to make things interesting. Now that would be a sight for sore ears, as some would say! Ah- never mind. Those are just the wishful ramblings of a guy that likes noisy, distorted guitars. The real thing to do with this guitar is to plug it into a Roland Jazz Chorus 120 and let it roll. This Ricky, in that setting sings as sweetly as you could ever hope for and I didn't want to put it down. Terms like "bright" and "sparkly" always come to mind, but if you're familiar with these toaster top pickups, you already know what this 625 is going to give you. We'll have it detailed, restrung with fresh strings, set up and ready to go so if you've been considering the addition of a vintage Rickenbacker to your collection, we just may have your new baby right here. Calls, emails, comment, suggestions, advice, corrections, tips, therapy, consolation and scrutiny are always welcome so thanks for stopping by the land of the 'Elk!

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