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2009 Martin 000-28M Eric Clapton

000-28M Eric Clapton
Shaded Top
Exceptionally Fine
Class, "Heros" is the subject of the day. Speaking from a guitarist's point of view, Clapton would be one, Hendrix yet another. Add Beck in there, maybe Page and Van Halen and there you have it (lest I forget Moore.) Gary Moore that is. Your list may vary but really really, these are the fathers of invention in the modern world of guitar. Heros. With that theme in mind, my hero then and still today is Evel Knievel. Do you recall on how you felt as a kid watching Evel do what he did? You remember this right- on that rare, but much anticipated Saturday, Jim McKay would come on ABC; “Spanning the globe to bring you the constant variety of sport... the thrill of victory... and the agony of defeat... the human drama of athletic competition. This is ABC's Wide World of Sports!" That dramatic byline, accompanied by ski jumper Vinko Bogataj losing all control as his skis gave way under him, crashing end over end while the announcer McKay is talking the agony of defeat. Defeat- hell looks like buddy was sipping through a straw for months to me...

The date was May 26, 1975 and the event was Evel doing something unprecedented in England in front of no less than 90 thousand people at Wembley Stadium. Evel, always trying to top himself had a need to jump 13 tractor trailer trucks. We all know what came next and my brother and I were horrified because we had never seen a body tumble quite like that. Despite the insistence of Frank Gifford, Evel waved off the stretcher and walked off the field. You know and I know every kid in town afterwards jumped over something. I actually jumped over my mom's '74 Granada and successfully nailed the landing with extra style points, to the chagrin of my brother. This man put his life on the line- where oh where have these gladiators gone? Heros my friends. They are what these millennials will never understand, but what we know all too well. I wish I was more like the late great Knievel, so today I'll pay tribute to him and my guitar heros. Let's all put a little more "Evel" in our lives. The world will benefit and so shall you.

The 000-28M Eric Clapton Limited Edition features the same extraordinary solid tonewoods as its predecessor. The back and sides are beautiful Madagascar rosewood, considered by many to be the most comparable in appearance and sound to the now-nearly extinct Brazilian rosewood. The top is Carpathian spruce, a spruce from Eastern Europe that combines exceptional dynamic range with impressive warmth. Scalloped 5/16” width top braces add tonal clarity. The 1¾-inch (at the nut) modified V neck with diamond volute is carved from genuine mahogany. From Martin people, just to say this is a fine guitar with or without my kooky story.

000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton 000-28M Eric Clapton