1967 Fender Telecaster “Exceptional” Blonde



Original Hard Shell Case

Original and Matching Tag

weight: 7 lbs 5 oz

Original and exceptional condition

Ash Tray cover

Neck Dimension: 1st fret 0902  12fret 0959 inches

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Ray, (my business partner) is at it again. He, (Ray that is) has been watching TV of late. I suppose, as he put’s it he was bored one night and found himself watching CMT. I said, “What- you don’t like country music,” Don’t you listen to that kind of music where the lead singer sounds like the cookie monster and their fans burn down churches in their spare time?”

Ray sheepishly grinned and said of course, “But hey man, those boys in Country music today sling guitars around, get all the beautiful woman and wear all of those fancy embroidered shirts don’t they?” He also went on to say that, “Don’t they have pyro at their concerts nowadays?” I’m thinking, “Wow, I guess Ray will do anything for a dollar,” but he’s got a point. The way the boys throw it down in Country has come a long way. Long gone are the days when Country boys would sit on a bail of hay, wearing those fancy rhinestone jackets and beating off those chicks jumping out of corn fields. Today’s Country boys roll like rock stars.

With all that being said, I understand why Ray wants a piece of the Country pie. When you think of the essence of Country music, your mind takes you right to Bakersfield, California or in today’s times, Brad Paisley. Being Ray’s partner, I’m just gonna have to hip him up to the twang delights and the fast necks of the mighty Telecaster. This guitar represents everything that’s cool about a Tele. “A cool Tele,” if you will has got to have lacquer. As you know, that old lacquer lets the wood breathe. Breathing lacquer equals woody tone and woody tone brings the “Hank” out of the guitar.

You also know that these particular years in Fender’s history means cloth wiring. Cloth wiring, in combination with those hand- wound pickups means you’ll achieve those shimmering highs Country guitarists have been counting on since John Dere tractors were introduced to a green paint job. This ’67 has all the traditional appointments you’ve come to expect from Fender. Folks, I believe Country has come a long way and I know I’ve listened to my fair share of Aldean myself. Why not bring an old soul to your new songs of the South.

Now that I got Ray thinking on this, I’ve gotta get him down to Buckles. Well, he does need distressed jeans and embroidered western shirts doesn’t he? Maybe a couple of leather bracelets to complete the ensemble wouldn’t hurt. People, buy this guitar before Ray decides to go to Honky Tonk row on Broadway. His vision of Country, combined with the Steel Panthers might not go over well there. Hard to drink your Pabst Blue Ribbon while listening to a Country version of “Death To All But Metal,” isn’t it?


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