1973 Guild Star Fire IV


The Facts:

This guitar is exceptional and original condition

The frets are in excellent shape and the ware on the Gold is Minimal.

The case is original.

Neck Profile: “C” profile

Neck Thickness (IN): .82″ (1st fret), .88″ (12th fret)

Fingerboard Radius: 12.00

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“ON HOLD”  Today people is “Guild” Star fire day here at the ‘elk.
I Know, you’re thinking to yourself.

“You know, I wanna resurrect and redirect myself.
I just wanna wanna and I’m gonna be in that 70’s funk band I’ve
always dreamed of.”

We’re talkin’ the “Regal Room now. Platform heels, silk shirts and aw yeah,
growing out of the hair with an Afro pick sticking out the back making the fist sign.

I know your saying that you’re to Caucasian for all of that, but wait
it’s all coming back in focus now, ” Wild Cherry,” yeah that’s it.

Yeah, there was a funky singer
Playin’ in a Rock n’ Roll Band
I never had no problem’s
Running down the one night stands.

Those silk shirts, the fog rolling off the stage and those beautiful sisters singing
as the trumpet players sway in step.
Brother’s be all like, “Right on, Groovy baby and out of sight.”

Believe and achieve brother and if that’s your thang, let me help a brother up.
These guitars have been giving white men soul of years.

With a guitar like this, you’d be as cool as “Cornelius” from soul train.

So stop feeling so low, disco down and check out the show.
As Cornelius would say. ” Peace, Love and Soul.”

P.S. Don’t confuse this with a V.
The differences are, Ebony fingerboard , painted sound holes, G brand logo, Gold Hardware and upgraded block markers.
This is a true IV…


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