1982 Fender Telecaster AVR




Telecaster Re-isssue


Original Hard shell Case

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Of course I’m just sitting here in the office reflective.
The subject of my reflections would be of Icon’s and cultural impact.

Not like of anything to deep, not of the nature of War, Economics or even cultural despair.
My reflection today is on the why Fender decided to recreate this instant classic
in a day where everyone else was painting there Humbucker super Strat with Schwinn
bicycle paint?

The icon of course would be of a Tele, the cultural Impact is of course Eddie Van Halen
and his foot print left on the musical landscape of the times.

I suppose Fender had the last laugh, because all these years later the Tele is still in high demand
whereas the super strats and that whacked out paint job is sitting precociously on a stand, undoubtedly with candles lite as Rock Gods look down from mount Olympus perched in that 10X10 shrine.

As for this guitar? Well, just take a look for yourself. Condition? You know it’s exceptional because greatness is all we do here at the Elk. Oh, I know, you wanna talk about weight. Ok, I’ll tell you. She weights in at 7 lbs 1oz. Lite enough right? As you can see in the photo’s, this guitar here comes with everything a collector would ever dream of. C.O.A , strap, tags, catalog and etc, etc, etc.

Friends, if you are in the market for exceptional, we got what you’ve been looking for. In closing, least you forget, quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten. You owe it to yourself people. Like Paul Stanley said: “You got to treat yourself like #1, do you need to be reminded?


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