1983 Fender Fullertone Stratocaster 1962 RI. The “Nicest” around.



Original Case

All Case candy

Neck 1st fret: 0821 inches

Neck 12th: 0867 inches

Weight: 7 Lbs 14 oz

Neck Date: Oct: 1983

Condition: Find a nicer one


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What do we have here Elks? Well, kind sir, we have an exceptional example of a very early, ’62 reissue Strat of course. You guys know the story, yes the story about the old plant closing down in Fullerton. Kinda reminds of that song by Thin Lizzy. How did it go boys?

The boom time it is over
A ghost town is all that’s here
The gold rush it is over
And depression days draw near

So, tonight after sundown
I’m gonna pack my case
Without a word, without a sound
Disappear without a trace

Ohh oh, I’m going Southbound
Ohh oh, I’m going Southbound

The woes of the common man were captured so eloquently by Phil in that song. Like Phil depicted in it, “A ghost town is all that’s here.” We fellow historians know that Fender did leave Fullerton in 1985 and to go as far as to say, “only a ghost town is all that was left” would be stretching it a bit, even for me.
I’ve heard it said before:

“Remembrance is the only paradise out of which cannot be driven away.”

For some of us, especially guitarists, 500 South Raymond is that place of paradise in which we can’t be driven from. Wasn’t that the Mecca for Fender lovers the world over? If South Raymond would be the “Wailing Wall” for Fender enthusiasts, this guitar before you is just a memento from back home and truly one of the last of her kind. A historic link to the founding fathers, as they say.

As for the guitar itself? Well, take a look under the hood if you will. I only know one way to procure a guitar- what’s that, people? Yes, that’s right- clean, straight and without exceptions. As for Thin Lizzy and the song “Southbound?” Let’s put the needle back down where we left off:

Driftin’ like a drover
Chasin’ my career
From the ships docked in the harbor
New horizons will appear

I’m quite sure the former employees felt this sentiment, but we all know they had the last laugh in those uncertain times. The “new horizon” appeared alright- they bought the company from the Evil Empire and all was good. Kinda sounds like the ending of a Disney movie right? Well, that’s because deep down, we all wanna be the guy on the white horse that rides off into the sunset with the beautiful, yet wholesome heroine by our side. I’m going Southbound….


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