2017 Fender Rosewood Telecaster George Harrison Limited


Year 2017

Made In United  States

Fret-board Material Rosewood

Body Material Rosewood

Original Case

All paperwork

Scale Length 25 1/2

Wood Top Style Plain Finish

Style Gloss Body



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As I look at this it reminds me of the last days of perhaps the
greatest song writing duo the world has ever known.
Their last waltz was on a roof top overlooking Liverpool.

Shrouded in mystery the demise of this great band, but you know
I know, the real deal (or as I was told over a Bramble) in an
airport bar by Mal Evans.

If you know your Beatle history, you’ll instantly recognize Mal
as the right hand and Roadie extraordinaire for of course the Fab Four.

Mal went on to say in a heavy British accent that people think it was
because the Beatles no longer toured and haven’t since 1966.
He quickly dismiss the death of their long time tour manager Brian Epstein
as the culprit.

Truth Mal said; was over the song “Let it be.”
This is the real dirt and as he spoke I was riveted.

John: I’m at the bar with me mates, completely legless when Niles said
to me what a wanker you are for not letting me girl sing on that new
song, she’s quite the fit bird, you know.

Paul: Mate, she can’t sing and “Let it Be” will be an instant classic,
so piss off.

John: How bloody minging (English slang for disgusting) Paul.

Paul: John, you hobby bloke, not only will she not sing on me song,
but I have a half of mind to throw her in the boot of me Laurie and
drop that kerb crawler (Ho’) back on the streets.

People, do you not see now how the death of the greatest band came to be?

Paul knew to well “not to be a sellout, because it’s the only thing you can’t
buy back,” Life lesson 1039.

“Speaking words of wisdom, let it be.”


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