2018 Eric Johnson Thinline Stratocaster



Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer

Neck Shape: Soft V

Pickups: Specially Voiced Eric Johnson Single-Coil with Countersunk Mounting Screws

Original Hard-shell Case

All Paper work

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Hello friends, when I look upon this Stratocaster, I think of three things.
The first, being the many times my paths crossed with him over the last decade.
Yea, like when Ray and I sent him a 68 Marshall 100 watt and of course it
came back. Not because it wasn’t as describe, but because (He) is a true
zar of tone.

Once in Texas, a “Dumble Overdrive Special” amp was there and Ray and I witness Eric put it’s through the paces.
Did he purchase it? Yes, he did, but not before he was satisfied with performance.
You see people, quality and performance means everything to this man, attention to detail friends.

I heard it said about Eric Johnson before, (Yes, people I swear.)
Someone told me, that Eric can tell the difference between an “EverReady” battery and a “Duracell” in a guitar pedal.
Seriously? Hell, I’m lucky if I can dial the tone into my liking.
What that tells me is, either he’s truly gifted or he didn’t get laid much in high-school.

As for this guitar? Well, this guitar is a close to “Mint” as one could hope for.
It’s got all the tags and swag for the most discerning collectors delight.

People, if Eric is this way about a battery, then imagine the attention to detail from
a play-ability and tone perspective. It boggles my mind to think of such….


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