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2005 Gibson Custom Shop Gary Rossington SG

Gary Rossington SG
Cherry Red
Exceptionally Fine
Oct. 20, 1977. If you know what this dates signifies, then you are who I wanna talk to. I was a mere thirteen then and this tragedy came on the heels of the King's death just the month before. The death of Elvis was traumatic to so many. I remember running from the garage as I heard the news coming from that small Soundesign radio. I also remember my mom's reaction as I told her the news. She openly wept. 1977 was a tragic year for the music world because that same year, a twin-engine airplane, apparently out of fuel crashed at 7 p.m. on a Thursday, in a wooded area of Amite County, near Gillsburg, La. Six persons, including the lead singer of the rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd were killed and 20 were injured. A dark day indeed…

The effect Southern rock had on me, Ray and the world resounds in our souls, our traditions and is a testament to being Southern. You don't have to be from down here to understand this premise and I believe being Southern is a choice. As Ray and I were recently sitting outside on an beautiful Summer day, Ray relayed the story of his witnessing the return of The Rossington Collins band when they played the Fox Theater in Atlanta in 1980. He looked at me as if he were a storyteller of old as he explained how the band closed the show with a befitting tribute to Ronnie Van Zant. The words he spoke were descriptive, but haunting. Ray exclaimed, "The lights were dimmed in honor of Ronnie and as the slide guitar filled that historic theater on Peachtree street, a single white spot light illuminated a solo mic stand." Friends, I wasn't able to attend that show, but through Ray, I was there in spirit. As I write these words, I am listening to that very performance and my mind wonders: What Ronnie's old band mates did for him was a musical eulogy for a fallen comrade. I never asked Ray if he was too, overcome by the emotion of it all. Maybe he was just too young to appreciate the real significance of that moment. I'll bet there wasn't a dry eye in the house and not so much from great sadness, but from just knowing that mankind can be so close to touching the wings of angels. I hope when it's my time to leave, someone in this world gives me that same goodbye.

"To be remembered is why we are here folks: To be loved and to leave our mark."

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