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1979 Gibson Flying V

Flying V
Exceptionally Fine
You're under the lights, right and you're playing the longest guitar solo known to man. You've practiced this solo 'till you can play it in you sleep, complete with the perfect vibrato and "the look." You know the rock guitar look, right? Well, if you don't, picture the mouth slightly agape, eyes of a sadist and the swagger of a gunfighter. The opening rhythm comes to a crescendo and here we go. Right then and there, the bridge gets wonky and your finely tuned machine goes into intonation hell. Your eyes find that bass player- you know 'em, you love 'em and he gives you that look you know oh-so-well. The look of inner calm, but also of persistence as if to say the show's gotta go on. The "get your shit together look." Your thoughts elude your brain and then you find yourself being dragged out to sea. Quickly, you transpose that 3-minute solo up two steps and there you have it. Lost, but yet found. The show's gotta go on. Breathe, just breathe. You're thinking, "Did anyone notice? Don't think so." and like the Stones say, "It's only Rock-n-Roll, but I like it." Dude, this would be funny if it weren't true. Ray and I were doing a clinic with the late, great Cliff Davies (think about that iconic drum intro in "Stranglehold," gack guh guh, gack guh guh, gack guh guh, gacka gacka. Yep, that's it. I've heard that a thousand times on "Double Live Gonzo" and here was the very man was behind me on his Ludwig drum set. God, that sound coming from behind me made the hairs on my arm stand up. Of course, I did this little expo with a Byrdland, just for authenticity's sake. Lost at sea, being dragged out by the current. Seaweed and sea urchins, much to the enjoyment of the laughing eyes of a sea lion as he chuckles while you fight the raging tides that threaten to drag you under. People, if you, as a musician have never experienced this, then I guess you never were one, but if you are reading this, you have found yourself yet again in the Land of Oz. Read on, Bro and know we've all found ourselves just as I depicted. Lost at sea, lost in space. As for this Flying V, you already know the deal. It's light, it's original and of course, it is clean. People, that is what we do, along with giving you something a bit interesting to read. As for that bass player with the calming disposition? We guitarists always have something smartassed to say about them (bass players that is.) Always talking 'bout, "Hey man, you only got four strings" and "Where's the pizza," but come to think of it, those bass players were always the cats that held it down in more ways than one. That is why they are controlling- because they set the groove. So tonight at band practice, thank him, but don't, under any circumstances leave him alone with your girlfriend. You can think about, but just don't do it...

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