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1966 .Yamaha SG2

Exceptionally Fine
** SOLD ** You know, looking at this guitar reminds me of me being a child. Here in Atlanta back in the 70's, we had the earliest incarnation of TBS and it was simply called Channel 17. Yep, before he owned the Braves and married Hanoi Jane, Ted Turner owned a local television station.

Channel 17 was kinda like looking at SCTV without Aykroyd or Belushi. On Channel 17, you would get "Wild Wild West", starring Robert "I dare you to knock this off" Conrad, not to mention The Monkeys mixed in with Gilligan's Island and lest we forget, "I Dream of Jeanie." "I Dream of Jeanie" was, to a 14-year-old as a "Cherry" magazine was to your older brother, if'n you know what I mean.

I know those guys were indeed brilliant in marketing to our young and impressionable minds. I mean, they knew if the advertisers wanted to hock off some Checks Cereal or a Stretch Armstrong, they would hit pay dirt in their demographics, right? There were only two shows back in the day that was Lebron James with an open lane skying over a rookie on a breakaway slam dunk. The first one had to be "Friday Night Frights", hosted by that dude that played Grandpa Munster (Damn, I can't remember his name.) To just a wee monster like myself, that show was as uncomfortable to watch as jumping on a bicycle without a seat. The other show we watched was "Ultra Man".

Do you remember that dude saying,"Having been given the life of the space man from Nebula M-78, Hiyata now uses the Beta Capsule and becomes a super-being, Ultra Man." Dude, nothing thrilled kids more than that "Super Being" in his silver and orange suit. Every week, Hiyata would be having a nice day, just chillin' with the ladies when all of a sudden, (you guessed it) a monster would show up and it was on. From Gomova to the Red King and all points in between. Of course, after the transformation, they'd be fighting and what nottin' and Ultra-man would be gettin his ass kicked but the monsters forgot about the "fly up in the air okey-doke". That's when it was completely crazy. Being a kid, we "knew" but those monsters just never got it.

I know what you're thinking- What does all this have to do with a Yamaha SG2? That's easy- Nebula M-78 of course, and the year that Super Being came into existence is the same year this guitar was built (probably from the same prop designers on the show.) Don't you see, in the mind of a child, things can be that easy and besides, I want you to have your very own Beta Capsule in case you gotta own that rascal from outer space, Gyango's ass for messing up your down time with the ladies. Just remember, when your light gets to flashin', you get to dashin'...