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2001 Gibson SJ-200 Elite

SJ-200 Elite
Tobacco Sunburst
You know, I was just lounging the other day, watching T.V. when Barney said to Andy, "When a chicken hawk's around, a wise rooster don't bury his head." As you could easily guess, the new, good-looking doctor in Mayberry was hanging around Ellie a bit more than Andy took a liking to. Also in that magical place called Mayberry, the writers were trying to bring to light the subtlety in human behavior in relation to a loss aversion.

Loss aversion? That's when you are more afraid of what you're losing than of what you have to gain. In this case, Andy was afraid of losing that lady pharmacist he was smitten with. Barney was an excellent prognosticator and had the normally level-headed Andy's mind in a twist. Aaron Ruben was indeed a masterful story teller and if you really think about what he introduced in his writing for that show, it was nothing short of brilliance.

Loss aversion. What has happened to you in your lifetime that this fear could apply to? Could it be that when you couldn't find your tongue at your 8th-grade dance, you missed the opportunity to have that chance encounter with (fill in her name) and now your regrets lead you to search for her on Facebook all these years later? Or could it be by happenstance you had to leave your band-mates, succumbing to the pressure and all of the influence Mom and Dad could bring to bear? You reason with your mind years later that that was the right decision then, but down deep, you think on what could have been or maybe what should have been.

Have you ever noticed these things may have never sat right with you- the 'ol "going along to get along" routine and as the years passed you by, your thoughts turned from that loss to a mild form of irritation, to all out resentment? This loss aversion has cost you enough, I say. If you are reading this, then know that I've been through that myself. Take that chance and live free of your own judgement. If buying this guitar leads you to taking guitar lessons or playing in a band, that in itself will create new opportunities for you to meet new people with which to form powerful connections in the future.

Someone once wrote: " Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

With that being said, please take the time to recreate yourself in the likeness you've always believed you were. Like Darius Rucker so eloquently stated in a song.

"Take that chance worth taking, it's history in the making."

SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite SJ-200 Elite