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2006 Gibson SJ-200 Pearl Vine

SJ-200 Pearl Vine
Exceptionally Fine
I would imagine that, if most men are alike in some ways, then the shape of a guitar would usually remind you of a woman. I mean that by them having a certain shape and with curves. I will admit that at first sight of this SJ, I immediately thought that it reminded me of a woman and the one that comes to mind for me is Kate Upton. To each his own- it will be different for every guy, I suppose, but it's really really hard not to be an Upton fan. That said, when Lee first played this guitar and I sat listening, my mind drifted to a particular scene in the movie, "The Shawshank Redemption." I'm speaking of the scene where Tim Robbins is in an office and he receives a shipment of boxes from the State he had been requesting for some time. In these boxes were books and records and as Robbins was looking through them, he found a recording of a particular opera. It was Mozart's "The Marriage of Figaro" and even for someone that's not a fan of opera, the song is beautiful, especially as it was portrayed in the movie. The reason this scene came to mind as Lee played the SJ was, it made me think of a woman- an ample woman of a certain size with a beautiful voice, which is what this guitar surely has. Even though Lee was only strumming chords, I was able to do just what Tim Robbins did in that movie: sit back, put my feet on the desk and for a few minutes, just smile and listen. That's a rare pleasure these days and I'm grateful for it. If you have any questions or requests, please email or call. Now I think I'll go and listen to that vignette again, just to give myself another small smile..."

SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine SJ-200 Pearl Vine