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1990 .Kubicki X Factor

X  Factor
Charcoal Metallic Gray
Exceptionally Fine
Back in my "Metal" days during the late 80's, I got my first Kubicki bass. It was, of course, Baby Blue and my bandmates at the time had one hell of a field day with me when I proudly showed up with it. One quote from my lead singer was, "You cannot, absolutely cannot be in a Metal band and play that stupid blue bass." I still practiced with it for a while, but it was quite difficult to come off as an "angry bass player" onstage with a blue bass, so it was eventually sold and I was off to the next Stingray or whatever it was. That all said, every time we get a Kubicki in, I think of my old "Baby Blue" as I called it and these basses, to this day do not disappoint. I do see that a few X Factors are currently on the market, but none are as clean as this bass. Heck, I can't find a mark on it. The neck is nothing short of fabulous and the 9-volt preamp indeed provides the tones you have come to associate with these X- Factors. As an added bonus, it comes in Charcoal Metallic Gray, so you can be as angry as you like and the bass's color will provide full support of that. I wish my old singer was here now: I'd hit him in the head with this thing and then politely inquire if it was "Metal" enough for him. On second thought, there's no reason to smack him around now- he's probably got 6 kids and is a lifetime member of the Bologna Sammich Lover's Club. It's a great bass at a great price- give us a shout on it today!"

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