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2015 .Ernie Ball Musicman Bongo 5 HH

Bongo 5 HH
Exceptionally Fine
I previously tried a little- known trick in selling this bass and that was to offer up only a sentence or two and see if the bass would sell. The queries I received were always about the bass and never about what I had written, so it looks like an old dog can learn new tricks after all.

I never really gave these fantastic basses much creed until John Myung from Dream Theater started playing a Bongo 6. That had me scratching my head because he had his own signature bass from Yamaha and I had played a couple of them. "Fine basses," I thought but after playing this Bongo 5, I have had a change of heart. Simply put, this is one baddass bass guitar.

It possesses a great, active tone and the "B" string is one of the tightest in the business. Best of all and unlike many other 5's, the neck is not too big. It's actually quite comfortable and I could see myself going back to a 5- string were I playing in a band again (jeez- just the act of me typing that sentence will have the German stomping down the stairs.) The strings are cool too, so we left them on. Funky, but bright and they get the job done. That's it, fellow bassist. Give me a shout with any questions and I'll get right on them!

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