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1990 .Steinberger XL-2

** SOLD ** If you want to see me get fired up at a guitar show, catch me when I spot a guy walking down an aisle with a Steinberger gigbag slung over his shoulder. I know I have short legs, but I can move real quick when called upon and that's exactly why you see this white XL2 on our website. I always hope that whatever is in the bag is clean- you all know how funny we are about condition around here, so when I got this bass back to our booth in Dallas and unzipped the bag, a huge smile crept across my face when I saw that it was white.

Then, as I was looking it over, I nodded in approval at its condition- there is virtually no playwear on this bass and the proverbial cherry on top of the cake was when I noticed the D-tuner on the bridge. That in itself won me over because I have never had an XL-2 come into the 'Elkcave with D-tuner on it. This one's the first and it's as if Steinberger took a nod from Kubicki by giving us the option to drop down to a low "D" quickly and efficiently. You will just love everything about this bass and your bandmates will thank you when it's time to play that Collective Soul tune and they don't have to wait while you go reeeeoooownn down to that "D."

This XL2 is "Elk clean" and comes with a Headless USA bag, so that should be acceptable in Steiney world. We're always at the ready around here, so if you have any questions or requests, we'll be on them like a duck on a Junebug (I just had to see if I could work one of my Grandmother's old sayings into the description.) Thanks for stopping by Elkland!

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