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1954 Fender Princeton Amp

Princeton Amp
As an older brother is to a younger brother, isn't it the same way between a Princeton and a Champ? Well, let's just think this through, right? Dad says, "Hey little fellas, let's get in the Grand Prix and go to the lake. At this moment, you, being the youngest now realize what the word "hierarchy" really means. Websters says:

A group of persons or things organized into successive ranks or grades with each level subordinate to the one above.

Did you catch that? Yeah, you are sharp today! Now show 'em what's behind curtain number 3, where the lovely Carol Merrill is standing. There that word is- "subordinate." You see like I do now that if you were the youngest of the brood, this translated to you sitting in the back seat. No shotgun next to Pops for you, oh hell no. Get yo little ass in the back and shut yo mouth. Oh yeah, let's not forget those hand me down, shabby ass clothes that never quite fit you right and the full compliment of forehead burns from noogies kindly deposited from said older brother, right?

Psychologists gotta have a term for it (which escapes me now) but basically, by being the lowest in the pecking order, the youngest child finds himself overly ambitious and highly competitive. Youngest children usually are the ones who make big changes to the world as a result of their extreme ambition and their strong fighting spirit.

"Dude please- I'm just trying to get an amp over here. What does this all mean, Nostradamus?" Quite elementary, Watson. The analogy between siblings and amps is parallel. You see, the Princeton would represent your older brother and that means you'd be the Champ. Yep, your brother has an extra knob and a higher output transformer, but we all know who outsold whom, don't we? Like we needed an extra knob? Please baby boy, what we lacked in the knob department we made up for in the transformer department, if'n you know what I mean.

Yes kids, that tumultuous relationship you shared with brother ended with some show of mutual respect. That's when he showed you the ins and outs of "game" with the ladies and of course, the intricacies of rolling (with one hand) a strawberry joint, courtesy of Job. You see people, this Princeton is the older brother, but God knows the youngest brother ruled. Don't believe me? Ask Donny Wahlberg- yeah, Mark's made how many movies again?

But, you know something? That janky older brother had his day in the sun, so in remembrance, this amp could represent (fill brother's name in here.) Yeah, he's got a thinning tater that looks like it was on the beach at Normandy and a pot belly, but when you see him now, he gives you a nod of equality. No sense in going scoreboard, just let it go. This amp is your consolation and that fine girl that now rides shotgun is the justification for the younger brother syndrome.

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