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1953 Fender Bassman Amp

Bassman Amp
Very Good
Man, the rectifier tube in this amp could only be described as a prop in a 50's Sci-Fi movie. I think it was in "Prometheus." Wait- this just in! Ray says it was in "Attack of the Crab Monster." Yeah, that's it. Friends, this amp before you is truly a "monster." Do you remember when Marty McFly flipped the switch on that amp as his skateboard haphazardly found the side of that road case with "plutonium" stenciled on it? Yeah man, that's the way I felt when I raised my shiny, metal pick up in defiance towards this beast.

Play any Stevie Ray Vaughn on this amp and she'll just laugh at you. The "sky is crying" indeed or in my case, blood rained down Ray's ears profusely. Folks, I gotta be careful. He (Ray, that is ) isn't such a young pup anymore (well in dog years.) I think because of the sheer volume, he may not hear in certain frequencies ever again. Ever. This second-year Bassman is quite the find and just check out the condition of this girl. I mean, for real- do you ever see 'em like this anymore? Man, the only time you see them anyway is when somebody's Granddaddy done got loaded up on some corn squeezins' and with a can of Krylon, just had to defile her, no less in Bahama Blue.

The Fender 5B6 Bassman amplifier was introduced as a combo amplifier cabinet that included the amplifier chassis combined with one 15" speaker. They had two 6SC7 pre-amp tubes, two 5881 power tubes, and a single 5U4G rectifier tube. It was designed to generate 26 watts at 8 ohms. Yeah, friends- 26 watts? Yeah, OK. Ray and I have been in a garage in North Carolina, alone with a full stack (100 watts, mind you) of Marshall Plexi death and my hand to God, this girl right here has amnesia if this is only 26 mere watts.

Did you notice this one also has the wide panel? You guys are sharp today. Although the date codes all are from 1952, I gotta calls it likes I sees it because we all know the wide panel didn't hit the scene till early '53, so we'll call her just that- a '53.

Like I prefaced this story with, if you find yourself in "The Man From Planet X" and you can't find a Ray gun when a brother needs one, no worries- I'll toss you the ultimate weapon and that weapon is known as 5U4G and the "G" stands for "Gannicus." What's that Ray?

"I'm impatient with stupidity, my people have learned to live without it."

Your people? What people? Obviously, Ray is still affected by the lingering effects of exposure brought on from this amp or his nightly Sci-Fi marathons on Chanel 17. Either way, I'll get back with ya. He needs medical assistance...

P.S. This amp is original with the exception of an added on/off switch and a volume pot switch.

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