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1962 Gibson Skylark

Very Good
This lap steel reminds me of Pete Best in a way. I know, I'm doing it again- they probably make meds for the condition I suffer from, but at this time I just don't have 'em nor can I get a handle on it. Pete Best, as you may know, was one of the Fab Four but just for a mere two years but for reasons unknown (even to Pete,) he was summarily dismissed.

Don't you see? Much like the shelf-life of this Korina lap steel and the pedigree of Gibson behind it, this Korina was extinct in just a few short years, like that of Pete Best. See the what if's in my scenario? If Pete was just a little bit more gregarious, he would be in the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame with millions of dollars. Conversely, if this little lap would have been shaped like a "V," then we all know what's up.

Well, "If candies and nuts were if's and but's..." as the story goes. Simple fact of the matter is, this little Skylark is still cool no matter how you look at it. Is she original and clean? Yes for a girl of her age. You probably noticed the handle is missing from the case. I know- probably due to a nasty cheese grating accident. People, this still is a lot of coolness for hardly no cheese at all.

As for Pete Best and his near miss with immortality? If a man does his best, what else is there? Sorry, Pete but hey- you're still on "Anthology," and that's gotta be way cool. At least you got a hell of a story to tell at any bar...

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