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2001 .Warwick Thumb Bass 5 NT

Thumb Bass 5 NT
Exceptionally Fine
** ON HOLD FOR ROSS THE BOSS ** There's an old saying that goes, "Know your audience" and so believe me, for this write- up, I do indeed know my audience. I'm talking directly to arguably the most important instrumentalists in the whole wide world, the bass players. Yep, the "Low Enders," the "Boom Gang," and the "Bottom End Boys." And, I know I'm talking to men because it takes a boy dog to strap on a 10 pounds plus sonic freight train bass guitar. Gentlemen, that's exactly what you are looking at here.

If you have ever or are playing bass guitar in a band, then you will understand what I'm about to say. I think we are the most under- appreciated musicians on the planet and if it weren't for us, every band you see live would sound like a hopped up rooster squalling into a microphone with a guitar player that sounds like a crazed mosquito noodling away to his right. No, we are the ones that bring the "round downtown" to the mix and I promise you all that no girl, ever ran onto the dance floor when a guitar solo started. Just never did and ain't gonna happen, period.

Yes, we are the guys that nod at the drummer for the changes and keep an eye on the rest of the band to make sure everybody comes out of the solo at the same time. It's certainly not the lead singer that counts the 12, 8, and 4 changes during the solo of "Jesus Just Left Chicago" or that weird little break in April Wine's "Sign of the Gypsy Queen." Believe you me, it's only us that can reach over and roll up the 40 hz and 60 hz faders on our bass amps so that those low, long bass waves bring all the babydolls onto the dance floor. Get's 'em right in the belly, if you know what I mean and that point alone makes the bass players of the world the most important member of any band. Now that's just my little 'ole opinion, but I been there and done that enough times to know what I'm talking about.

In ending, if you're the guy that is willing to strap on this Thumb 5, then you are a member of a small, but very tight brotherhood. We bassists are all in this great thing called "making music" together and it will be that way until there are no more bands, no more live music and no more girls to chase. And, Metallica should have never pulled down Jason Newstead's bass on "And Justice For All. "Just sayin' and now I think I'll go listen to some old Maiden to make my day even better...

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