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1992 Fender Custom Shop Set Neck Stratocaster

Set Neck Stratocaster
Exceptionally Fine
It's a known fact that, as a bassist, I primarily look for basses whenever we attend a guitar show. It's just what I'm naturally attracted to and I can still spot the tip of a Steinberger gigbag from 100 yards away. That said, it's also my mission to generally find anything that we consider cool enough or worthy of offering on the 'ol Elk website. I may be standing around our booth, killing time and invariably, Lee will roll up and say something like, "Son, you betta get out there and get my biscuits." That's his way of saying if you got time to lean, you got time to clean and we need gear to sell so I was all by my lonesome at the Philly show, just ambling along when I happened upon this Strat sitting in its case in a dealer's booth. Even though it is a guitar, it made me stop in my tracks and thus begins the tale of why...

The very first thing that struck me was the top. It's a beautifully quilted, two- piece Maple that rivals most PRS's out there. Now we all know that PRS will put "10 Top" on a tambourine, but that's neither here nor there. The top on this Strat is simply gorgeous and in a sweet black to amber sunburst. So now I'm going through my routine; Open the accessory case lid and there it is- all the case candy and COA. Now I'm wiggling a bit because John Page- era COA's disappear like a volunteer for a family reunion babysitting job, so the fact that this one was present made it even more satisfying.

Now it's time to pick up the guitar. First thing off, it was incredibly lightweight for a 90's Strat (later investigation would reveal the weight to be 7 lbs, 7 oz.) The slim "C" neck feels perfect in my hands, as I'm not a fan of ball bat necks. I mean, as I looked the guitar over, all of these small, but cool features began to reveal themselves to me, from the Wilkinson nut to the red, gold and blue Lace Sensor pickups to how comfortable the set neck heel felt. Locking tuners and a modern tremolo- it just kept getting better and better. The condition was exactly what we require in a guitar, so I'm fairly excited by the package as a whole. That's when the Tall One walked up...

"What cha looking at, Cub?" he asked. I just handed him the guitar and didn't say a word. I knew I had found a complete 25-year- old winner and I wanted to see what he thought of my discovery. I swear to you all, he went through the exact same routine as I did, almost in the exact order except that he already had the guitar in hand and was looking it over first. He handed it back to me and said, "Nice score, Raymond. Get it done and I'll meet you outside." Then, as quickly as he had appeared, he was gone, leaving me to finish things up. I rolled this girl over to our booth and was out the door for a well- deserved, but quick break.

What this all means to me is that no matter what instrument I primarily play and am attracted to, I can still spot a quality guitar and get it bought. That does give me a small sense of pride in that I hope it makes us a more well- rounded company. We do have an advantage in that there are two of us roaming those great halls, looking for things to bring home and every once in a while, we get lucky. Or, at least I do and this set neck Strat proves that point. Now, because I know comic books much better than Lee, if we ever attend a comic book convention, we'll walk in the show, get a booth set up and I will get up on a footstool and loudly exclaim, "Son, you betta get out there and get me my damn biscuits!" Then we'll see who really runs Bartertown. Master or Blaster...?

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