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.SWR Workingman's 12

Workingman's 12
Very Good
** ON HOLD FOR ALEX ** Like any other bass player that's played for more than a few years, I realized the other day that I had accumulated a few practice amps. This little Workingman's 12 was my go- to amp for a good while until one day, it started cutting out on me and acting funny. Now, this was around the time when I was preparing for my old roommate's 25th-anniversary high school reunion and I had about 25- 30 songs to relearn, so I had no time for amps acting janky. This one started being a little funny, so I pushed it into a corner and dragged out my Workingman's 15 (got a thing for SWR's around here as if you couldn't tell.) Anyway, practice went on and the combo 15, along with an SM-57 got me through the gig.

So, all these years later, it became clear to me that letting this amp gather dust in the corner was a big waste of a quality bass rig, so I took it to my Zen Buddha Jedi amp guru and had him it checked out. Two new input jacks later, she's humming like a hooker on a busy Saturday night and ready for a new home. Amps I have, but space? That's becoming a rare commodity around here and just the small act of clearing out a corner of the office avoids me getting the dreaded German stink eye from the wife if you know what I mean. I'm thinking this SWR would be perfect for either the beginning student bass player who needs something to practice on or maybe a working bassist whose doing small gigs and doesn't need a 1000- watt head and two 8 x 10 cabs. See there? It works out for everybody, do please feel free to call or email with any questions. Elk operators are always on the stand- by around here...

Workingman's 12 Workingman's 12 Workingman's 12 Workingman's 12 Workingman's 12 Workingman's 12 Workingman's 12