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1955 .Fender Bassman Amp

Bassman Amp
Expectations and the Art of the Approach...

The reason that title is there is because of a phone conversation my business partner had the other day. He was in a store when he struck up a conversation with a man that was standing in line with him. Now it's well known that Lee will talk to a wrecked car if someone doesn't tow it off first, so as he and this gentleman chatted, the topic soon turned to what Lee did for a living. "I sell vintage guitars and collectibles for a living," he said and that obviously peaked the man's interest. He told Lee that he wanted to sell a game- used bat from Derek Jeter's rookie year. Still had the pine tar on it. Well, since we don't specialize in baseball memorabilia here at the 'Elk, Lee told the guy he would give someone he knew a call and get back to him. They exchanged phone numbers and went their separate ways.

The next day, Leeness rolled into the Elkcave and went straight for our "outside office." That's two chairs, a small table and a glider outside the back door. We do some of our best thinking, talking and occasional imbibing of moonshine there. So Lee called a local guy that we know who buys and sells sports memorabilia. The man's wife answered his phone and this is what I overheard:

  • Wife: "Hello?"
  • Lee: "Hey Terrie. It's Lee. Is Tony there?"
  • Wife: "Yeah, he's here. What's up?"
  • Lee: (realizing that Tony wasn't going to get up and answer his own phone) "Ask him if he would be interested in a Derek Jeter game bat from his rookie year. It has documentation and everything."
  • Wife: (yelling) "Hey. You don't want a Derek Jeter bat, do you?"
  • Lee: "Can I speak..." (gets cut off)
  • Wife: "He says he'll get back to you."
  • Lee: "Uh, alrighty then. Tell him to let me know."
  • Wife. "Okay. Bye."

    And that was it, folks. That lady's approach to her husband possibly attaining what has to be a very cool item (if you like baseball stuff) basically cast out a cloud of negativity before she even asked the question, so he obviously didn't even get excited or interested enough to get off the couch. The expectations of making something happen died before the seeds were even sown, so you can be doggone sure that they both blew the chance to get that bat just as soon as it was placed at their feet. Or, as we say down here in the beautiful South," You snooze, you lose," so we're going to buy the bat and if nothing else, hang it on the wall of our office. Who knows- maybe it will be worth a couple of lunches at Whopper Burglar one day...

    As to how all the above relates to this striking 1955 Bassman, I'll tell you. My approach is to speak directly to the person that will become the new owner of this amp. It is a true survivor that is in exceptional condition. The pictures will reveal that one capacitor and one resistor have been replaced. The original handle also has been replaced by a new, custom-made example that compliments the amp perfectly, so you don't have to worry about carrying it to its new resting place. The tone is everything you have read and heard about: vintage, sonic quality that just can't seem to be replicated, no matter how hard these modern- day amp builders try. I'm saying that maybe it takes "surviving" for over 60 years to reveal the true vintage value of yet another quality musical instrument made in the 1950's.

    With that approach, we already understand the expectations that the new owner will have and are prepared to exceed them. Look us up- we're not exactly the new kids on the block, so when it comes to accurately describing, packing and successfully shipping a piece like this Bassman, we've got you covered in spades. We expect to provide this amp to that one person who has been looking for it and we expect him or her to be satisfied. Those are just the expectations we put on ourselves- all we need now is the approach and that has to come from you. Trust us, we'll get off the couch and answer the phone...

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