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1977 Guild F50R-N-T

On our latest foray into the wild West, looking for guitars, I mentioned to Lee that I wanted what I call a "front porch guitar." He looked at me kinda funny because a:) I never go out onto my front porch and b:) I don't play acoustic guitar very well. Seeing his quizzical look, I ventured onto explain: "What I'm looking for," I said, "is a guitar that's not so expensive, I'm afraid to touch the dang thing. We've got our share of high- ends and Brazils, but if I bump one or put a ding or a scratch on it, that's the end of me, right?" "You damn right," he said and with that, my fears were confirmed and made me even more determined to find what would be the guitar I could lean against the wall next to my desk if I wanted to.

Many miles, travails, and tribulations later, here is that very guitar. This Westerly- made F50R is the perfect "front porch guitar." The neck is effortless to play and it has more projection than a pissed- off little league coach at his first football practice. Everything about it represents the care and craftsmanship that was exhibited by the old Rhode Island factory, so now, when the German mouse calls and asked what she needs to pick up at the grocery store, I put her on speakerphone just so I can hear her say, "You're playing that guitar again, right?" I, of course, deny it and blame it on my tall business partner whether he's in the office or not and yes friends, that gets me the stink eye. I don't care- I'm working hard on my G and D chords. I hear they are two of the "big three."

Whomever purchases this guitar is going to love it- I promise you that, but I want to talk about the case for a minute. It's original to the guitar but looks like it's been in a fight with Mike Tyson. It's structurally sound and all the latches work, but the handle has been replaced. I can compensate you for that by including the original purchase receipt, owner's manual and Guild polishing cloth. It's a win- win and after all, we're just trading chickens for pies, right? This is a "good-un" as a buddy of mine likes to say, so please give us a shout with any questions or requests and I'll go work on that A chord...

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