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1987 .Marshall Artist 3203

Artist 3203
I think I was just chillin' at the house, my mom's house that is (you know, a brother was young and tight on the duckets) when all of a sudden, this dude with short platinum blonde hair and more leather on him than three S & M shops dared to carry was screaming about screaming for vengeance of all things. Dude, this was back in the day when MTV actually played videos of bands playing instruments opposed to- dare I say our greatest affliction now, reality T.V.

To my young and impressionable mind, this was like being Tommy Lee steering a yacht (if you know what I'm talkin' 'bout). Like then like now, I was a guitarist and so were they. These dudes I speak of played in this band called Judas Priest. If that name even got mentioned to my parents back in the day, I woulda gotten bathed in holy water, washed in the blood, then sent to my Aunt Sherry's house for an ample amount of slave labor out in the fields. "Don't play me now," you remember that, right? That's where you're sent to a field to pick green beans for a month of Sundays as if you're paying penance for a horrible act against humanity.

I have to admit, that band did look a little unsavory to say the least, maybe even a tab bit hostile. But really, I mean seriously, these leather-clad men were all about high octane, Harleys, Gibson guitars and just basically scaring the hell out of you so you see, I didn't need no field of beans. My point is, those guys must have been tight with Jim Marshall. Priest was the very first band I'd ever seen with those now classic JCM.-800's and in a word, they "sizzled." But, if you can't get your hands on one of those amps, this Artist 3203 has all of the tone and attitude of an 800. Just think, if you had one of these amps, you could also have a Harley and ride one on stage, you could wear the clothing befitting a man that, shall I say could take a whacking on the 'ole bum and you could sing and play "Turbo Lover" every-night. I know right- you need to be pinched just thinking about it. Men, but one life we have so why the hell not go out the way you came in.

  • Always takin' baby out that's o.k.
  • What they're givin' maybe it's out of phase with me.
  • Told you once you're never gonna win the race
  • Same old no tomorrow kicked in the face.
  • We are screaming, screaming for vengeance.

    What's that, screaming for what? Aw yeah..."

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