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1979 .Kramer XL-8

Exceptionally Fine
Of all the basses I wanted back in the late 80's, the four- string version of this bass was the one I couldn't have. It was the classic situation where I already had two "round" basses (a '72 Fender Jazz and a '87 Spector NS-2) and my Pop, who was my official financier at the time didn't think a pointy bass was necessary. I tried, to no avail to explain to him that everybody that was in a serious band had a Jackson, Charvel or Ibanez and that I needed that XL-24, but he merely scoffed at me and uttered the phrase heard a million times by so many budding musicians; "I don't know why you have to have so many. You can only play one at a time." Folks, that was the death knell for me getting that pointy Kramer unless I came up with the money myself. Boo for me...

Fast forward to this 8- string, short- scaled bringer of rain. It follows suit nicely with the Hamer 8's we've had over the years in that, if you want to send a strong message to your noisy guitar player that there are actually three members in the band and not just him, plug this bass into an Ampeg SVT 8 x 10. I promise you it will be the same as if a puppy peed on your carpet and you lifted his tail with a newspaper in hand. The lesson will be both clear and taught, I assure you. This XL-8 is also one of, if not the cleanest example we've ever had here. I couldn't believe how well taken care of it is and that's always a welcomed sight when you open the case for the first time. Got tags too, so that's an extra bump on the coolness scale. Send those questions or requests on in here and we'll handle them like a boss. The defense rests, your Honor...

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