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1978 .Fender Precision Bass, P- Bass

Precision Bass, P- Bass
Exceptionally Fine
So I get a call a couple of weeks ago from a friend about this bass. "Hey Ramundo," he said. "You know you're my bass guy, right? I said "Right." He continued, "Dude, I just got a P- Bass that's been sitting in its case for almost 40 years. It's dead mint and new old stock. You want this thing?" Well, that sounded mighty fine to me, so he sent over some pictures and the next thing you know, a box was being delivered. Now it's known the world over that I don't think anything can be truly mint, because that would mean, in my mind that it is perfect and without imperfection, so as I was unboxing the bass, I'm already warming up my chops. Folks, I'm getting ready to tear this bass into shreds and then call my buddy back and cuss him like a drunken sailor. I got everything opened and headed down to the office. It was time for inspection!

I put on my super- duper inspector specs and started at the butt of the bass. When I got to the front, there they were- a couple of tiny dings by the bridge cover. "Um Hm," I thought. "Dead mint my hind foot." I kept on looking and when I got to the back, I started turning the bass to and fro when I realized that if you turn the bass a certain way in the exact middle of an eclipse, you can see a few microcosmic, subatomic belt marks. I'm now shaking my head as if this bass had been dragged behind a garbage truck on an old, asphalt road and I'm still looking over the instrument. What I failed to see was when my wife (sometimes referred to as The German Mouse) walked by and into the laundry room around the corner. It was an error that would soon haunt me...

I went up the neck and all looked good- the wood was still white and there was no fretwear. It was when I got up to the tip of the headstock that it happened; There, as sure as shootin' was a ding. A noticeable one at that and when I saw it, I stood up and yelled, "I GOT IT! I GOT IT! I GOT IT!" It was as plain as the nose on my face and that's when the sound of breaking glass jumped into my ears. Man, I didn't take a breath, hoping that I had not, in some minute way caused what I thought I had just caused when it hit me in the face- a stream of profanity in half- German and half- English. It started with those fateful words, "RAYMOND MAULDIN," and continued from there. I think I actually tried to hide behind this bass in some vain attempt to survive a knife to the chest, but as "The Mouse" rounded the corner, I saw the laundry detergent all over the front of her dress and I knew it was over. "What the hell are you yelling about?" she said. "Look at my dress. Are you going to get this out and what about the wine glass all over the laundry room floor. Why are you yelling? What is wrong with you?" she asked. I decided right then that my best chance of survival would be to play the "batshit crazy" card. It was my only hope.

"Look honey," I said. " I found a ding," and shoved the headstock of the bass into her face. "See that ding? I howled. "It ain't mint. It ain't mint" and I began to jump around the room swinging the bass and yelling, "I got it, I got it. It ain't mint. It ain't mint." She narrowed her eyes into slits and with hands on hips, loudly proclaimed, "My mother was right. You are an idiot," and stalked out the door. I knew she would clean the broken wine glass up because Germans can't stand for anything to be out of place and I think she has a touch of OCD (among other things.) I sat back down and put the bass into a stand to catch my breath. Yes, it looked like I had lived to see another day...

So there you have it, Ladies and Gentlemen. This bass, as it turns out must be the nicest example of an Antigua P- Bass to currently exist. The case candy is all present in its bag and if you'll notice the impression on the lid interior, you'll have to agree that there has been no movement inside this case for decades, save for maybe a few things that are so small, we can't see them. The covers have never been off, nary a screw has ever been turned and the original flats are on the bass. You can't say that about many guitars and basses these days. It's truly an investor-grade package that is worthy of even the most discriminating collection and I wonder what I could break if I plugged it into a dual 8 x 10 Ampeg rig? We gotta live a little dangerously every now and then, right?

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