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2008 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R0

Les Paul R0
Cherry Sunburst
Friends, I've been a little nostalgic of late and what that means for me (and the listening pleasure of my short business partner) is, I have put away my Jason Aldean albums and returned to the highway of cool. Instead of listening to "Dirt Road Anthem", I've been enjoying Thin Lizzy's "The Boys Are Back in Town" and definitely some Nickelback. To celebrate my reawakening, I also plugged in Black Star Rider's first record and was still amazed by what I heard. If you don't know who they are, let's just say that Scott Gorham decided to release an album, but what he didn't reveal was that it was the reincarnation of Thin Lizzy. Last week, Ray and I, pretty tuckered from walking around the guitar show in Asheville decided that we would take a listen to this album in the confines of the 'Elk mobile.

Accompanied only by a bottle of Fireball Whiskey and a "sixer" each, we listened to this now- classic DSR record. Intently. The background din emitting from Highway 26 wasn't going to be a distraction from this primal, but necessary need to unwind. What came next is exactly what one would expect from the twin Les Paul harmonies that engulfed the confines of the van. "Man, they got the drums right," Ray yelled as I gleefully listened while the Devil's cinnamon- flavored elixir eased down my throat. The tingle from the whiskey agitated my nose, but the following Corona quickly extinguished the fire of the Fireball. As Ricky Warwick sang about the "switchblade eyes of a fallen angel" (who comes up with those kinds of lyrics anyway?), Ray and I took another swig and agreed with confirmed approval on the music we were hearing. "Man," I thought, "This is living." L.I.V.I.N.'

Feeling great as the world passed me by, the familiar sounds of a Les Paul through a Marshall and with whiskey on my breath, it just didn't get any better. I know, once again I didn't say a thing about this Les Paul and that's usually my point. If by now you don't know what we're really saying, perhaps you might never know...

  • Hey, Hey Judas.
  • Hey, Hey Judas what you gonna do now?
  • Hey, Hey Judas.
  • Hey, Hey Judas, you lie and you cheat but I love you anyhow."
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