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2016 Gibson Custom Shop Les Paul R9 VOS

Les Paul R9 VOS
Tobacco Sunburst
Exceptionally Fine
"Set mind to purpose." I overheard this sentence recently while relaxing in my man cave, watching the latest installment of "Spartacus: Blood and Sand." "Set mind to purpose." Hmmm- that got me thinking (and that's no small task.) Being a guitarist, then what would be my purpose?

There are only two. One would obviously be to play the guitar. This is a given, but on how would this guitar play to me. As you know, a guitar is no different than a relationship. A guitar is a connection to your musical soul and as you may have noticed, your choice of your soulmate has changed over the years.

When you were younger, you may have gone for the flashy, hot chick in the little black dress. You, like myself, may have fallen prey to her four-inch heels and bangle bracelets. Editorial note: (Obvious reference between guitars and women.)

Then, you may have noticed that your fascination with the opposite sex may have again changed in your 30's. That's when you wanted less flash and more substance. Your woman now is of class distinction and although she cleans up nicely, she would be more in line with your views of the world after the age of 19. Classic features with more of a refined taste like yourself, right?

The second reason you would consider a guitar of this caliber is from a collector's viewpoint. If this is your reason, then you couldn't have picked a more ripe apple for your eye's affection. Friends, this guitar is an exceptional example of a Les Paul It's like jumping into your Delorean, setting the dial back to 1959, a "straight to the Gibson factory" kinda fresh thing. As you may know, guitars in this condition are what we here at GrinningElk specialize in.

In short people, you kinda get the best of both worlds here. If you were Gilligan, you would be getting Mary Ann and Ginger. The skipper? Well, he did wreck the S.S. Minnow, as you may recall and if they were on a 3- hour tour, why did they pack steamer trunks? The thought boggles my mind and I suppose that's why I watch gladiators. The only thing they do is kill and ah well, unsheathe their swords. Hail to Caesar and the slayer of Capua..."

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