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1979 Gibson Flying V2

Flying V2
This looks like one of those guitars you'd play while in a German gasthouse playing for guys named Fritz, Hans or perhaps even a Gunter. Of course, they (Fritz, Hans and Gunter) do what they do. They wear those lederhosen (you may have seen those in National Lampoon's "European Vacation,") eat red meat, drink room temperature beer all while listening to Bavarian Polka bands. We all love us some Polka around here, so just think on where you were when you first heard "Beer, Beer, Beer Polka," or that instant classic, "Kiss Me, I'm Polish." It would also be a sin not to mention Ray's favorite, "Mother- Daughter Polka." Just close your eyes and you can hear it, can't you? Mmm- Bop Bop, mmm- Bop Bop. Just makes you almost misty now, doesn't it?

Now let's think on this; Wouldn't this Flying V2 be the natural choice to transcribe all of those classics? You all know the story right? These guitars came onto the scene in 1979 and were only here with us but 3 short years. The five-piece, walnut/maple, 9 1/16"" neck was quickly adopted by the surging popularity of Polka guitarists. A little-known fact: The resurgence of Polka Rock was indeed ushered to the forefront by Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann and if you know your Polka Rock history, then you'll remember that it was back in '79, at the vaunted Hammersmith Odeon where the storied album, "Double Live Polka" was recorded. Just thinking about this event is giving me goosebumps. The production numbers were, in fact very low and this guitar, along with the Les Paul Artisan were the most expensive solid bodies of their day. The story of these V2's and that coveted Polka Rock tone comes right at ya through those Boomerang pickups. Not to mention, this one is in a very excellent condition. I know, Wolf retired, so who will now take up the mantle of Polka madness? You're in luck! Lookit, Ray and I have been in rehearsals for well over three months. We're working out and learning the licks to all of Wolf's hits. The lederhosen are here and in a bright fuscia, for dramatic effect. You're wondering now- did we resurrect the classics to match the stunning wardrobe? You betcha- from "Fast as a Shark" and "Midnight Mover" to the timeless classic, "Balls To the Wall Polka," we've got you covered in spades.

Well, times are tight, you know and Ray and I have to make the paper. What do you think about the Mocha Polka Band for a name? Mmm- Bop Bop, mmm- Bop Bop..."

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