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1950 Martin 000-21

When I play that familiar G Maj 7th chord on this guitar, I'm transported back in time. When I awake, I've got a Manhattan in my hand while the Predicta T.V. is beaming with the comedic sights and sounds of Milton Berle. I look over to my right and all my senses are overwhelmed with the pungent smell of a Pall Mall non-filter burning in the ashtray beside my T.V. Guide, adorned with Lucy and Desi.

Am I awake? Surely, I'll come to my senses soon. I touch my face- yep it sure feels real. I even get up and walk around, but still, everything's the same. As I part the curtains in the kitchen to reveal a stylish, two-tone Nash Rambler in the driveway, I notice kids playing hopscotch on the sidewalk. I am stunned to see all the children wearing Chuck Taylor Converses and I am even more dumbfounded by the American Airlines L-188 Electra flying overhead. "A four propeller airplane," I think.

Certainly this was a gag and a rather expensive one, kinda like that show "Punked," right? Maybe someone slipped me a "Bill Cosby?," or just maybe at this point, I'm seriously looking for "Rod Serling," because the road sign up ahead does say "The Twilight Zone."

Mind you, this all came about by playing a simple G Maj 7th chord, so what next? "The Adventures of Superman" or perhaps the Marx brothers? Maybe, it's the smell of the vintage Brazilian that brings this metaphorical oasis to life. Perhaps, it's the old world craftsmanship that sends me down the rabbit hole?

Maybe it's the scarcity of this guitar that brings the "Maleficent" to this sleeping beauty with only 97 being made in 1950. This tortoise shell-bound 000 is nothing but a collector's dream. Yes, you can put it together- 97 produced right? How many are left and in this condition? This guitar features quartersawn Brazilian Rosewood back, sides, fingerboard, bridge, and peghead overlay, as well as a tightly grained Sitka spruce top. It also has a 24.9" scale length, 15” body with 14 frets to the body.

Let me translate that to you; It's nothing less than a fingerpicking dream, that's all. As for me and my dream? Hell, I'm still here and I think I see Ray riding a Triumph motorcycle with duck-tails. You know, come to think of it, I did see a special on 20/20 about opioids and come to think about it, Ray did fix me that drink while we were watching "Happy Days." Hey, wait a minute... that Damn Ray.

  • Goodbye grey sky, hello blue,
  • There's nothing can hold me when I hold you.
  • Feels so right you can't be wrong.
  • Rockin' and rollin' all week long.
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