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2011 Gibson Custom Shop CS-356

Exceptionally Fine
I always tell people that my business partner, Lee is 6' 3" and I'm 3' 6". I think him calling me a midget for all these years has sunk into my brain but really, I still think I'm ten foot tall and quite bulletproof. So with it now being established that I'm a somewhat short fellow, whenever we get an ES-335, I strap it on to check it out and get a feel for the way it plays and hangs. Now if I can do this in peace, there's never a problem but a couple of times, Lee has walked into the office and there I was, playing a 335. Loud, almost uncontrollable laughter always ensues followed by a stream of "short" jokes, finger pointing and more laughter. I just take the punishment and continue with my noble work- it's all I can do.

Now when we got this Koa CS-356, it was a different story because, with it basically being a 3/4 sized, semi-hollow body guitar, it fits a "normal" sized guy perfectly. Heck, you could strap this guitar on a baby and it would look cool. But I couldn't help but turn the tables on "Old Long Legs", as Lee is sometimes called. I made him give this one a test run so he strapped it on and put it through its paces. It sounded and played great, so when he was finished, he looked at me and asked, "Whaddaya think Cub?" (why he calls me that, I'll never know.) I took this one chance to take a swipe at him so I said something to the effect of "Well, the guitar sounds great, but you look like a drunk giraffe playing a kid's ukelele in my Grandmother's old hallway bathroom."

That got me a dirty look but it was well worth it, so in the end, what we have is a 335- style guitar with a gorgeous and rare Koa top that's built for the "regular" sized guy. Anybody over 6' 3" that buys this axe just might get a joke or two thrown at them by a midget with an attitude..."

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