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1956 Fender Champ Amp

Champ Amp
You know, Elvis made "Blue Suede Shoes" his signature song earlier on in his career, but it was Carl Perkins who released it first. The year that song was released was also the same year this amp came out of the Fullerton plant. I just sit and think as I write this description on how many budding guitarists tried their best to cop that lick Scotty Moore laid down on that now-classic track. Or, how about that haunting melody from Carl Wilson, "Before I Met You?"

I just gotta believe in my own mind that these guys had to influence a whole generation of guitarists and what did this guitarist call home? That's right- a Fender Champ amp. The Champ was iconic to guitarist then and is even more so today. I know you guys know the Reverend Billy Gibbons is quite fond of these little tweed boxes of tonal delight and why not? These amps, to me, sound like a warm summers day. You know don't you, I don't even need to speak it.

This Champ you see here is in collector quality condition and is original with the exception of a professional speaker re-cone (I know, knock off a dollar, but people, it's paper and after 60-plus years, what do you expect?) If this is your birth year or you just have an ear for tone and the eye of a collector, then you have hit pay-dirt. Sorry, no funny story today but this amp doesn't need any gimmicks. She's all that and if'n you need more of an in-hand description, just call Ray. I really don't think he ever sleeps; he just nods off in a plate of spaghetti every now and then but for a man of 98, he's still able to mutter a few words on a talkie...

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