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1985 .Jackson Soloist

** ON HOLD FOR JOHN ** Just think, with a guitar like this you ain't gonna be nobody's fool. I know, every rose has it's thorn, but not this girl. I played it and definitely went round and round with her. She reminds me of lipstick and spandex, beer bottles and dirty whiskey glasses, neon colors, Spuds McKenzie and most assuredly, girls, girls, girls.

Just put your hands on her and I guarantee you'll be transported to that practice room somewhere in the U.S.A., 'circa 1987. You know the deal- 5 nights a week with that shabby ass lead singer who wouldn't learn lyrics even if you thumb-cocked a pistol to his head and not to mention those little honeys that would stop by with those little revealing short skirts on. Polka dots and peekaboos- hell yeah! I shoulda wrote that song. And, that smell. Damn, did we ever clean up that regurgitated pizza deposited behind those SP-3s left behind as a souvenir from the drummer's cousin?

This guitar will, in fact, be your vehicle of transportation to those hallowed grounds of the 80's. I know, I know- you see it don't you? Yep, this baby girl has the factory Floyd on her and that, in the Jackson world is pure gold. I see I see- yep, she does have the original Seymour '59 JB as well. You guys are in rare form today, just callin' it out ain't cha and Y'all have to know this guitar is original and clean, don't you? Yeah, you know the deal with us, that's just the way we come at ya.

I can see it now. You're thinking, "Hey Lee. I'd like to spice up my relationship with the little lady. I think I'm gonna take her to where the down boys go, give her my bad medicine, get smooth up in ya and rock like a hurricane. Then I'll lay it down and take her home sweet home."

Dude, sounds aggressive, but hey, Ray and I are with you 100%. We are known to jump on the night train, once bitten with sister christian but she's only seventeen and out for nothin' but a good time.

  • How can I resist?
  • Ain't lookin' for nothin' but a good time
  • And it don't get better than this...
  • Soloist Soloist Soloist Soloist Soloist Soloist Soloist Soloist Soloist Soloist Soloist Soloist Soloist Soloist Soloist Soloist Soloist