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2002 Gibson J-45 Vine

J-45 Vine
Exceptionally Fine
I can imagine that, if I were to make my first ever TV appearance, this is the guitar I would use. Its looks are nothing short of sublime and every inch of this instrument exudes an air of quality and craftsmanship. The visual appeal of this J-45 Vine is immediate and instantly pleasing- I cannot imagine anyone laying eyes on this guitar and not having a smile brought to their face. Yep- in the immortal words of Fee Waybill, "She's a beauty!"

Pertaining to the tone, I'll ask you all to remember those huge, plastic circles of our childhood that made giant bubbles. You had a shallow container filled with a soapy solution and you lay the plastic ring down into it. When you pulled the ring up, it created a giant, 2 or 3-foot bubble of soap that floated up into the air. One of the coolest things I ever saw as a kid, so as it pertains to this guitar, when you strum it, it emits a giant bubble of pure tone, produced and augmented by a body of Mystic Rosewood and a finely tuned top of Sitka Spruce. The sound is supported by such small, but important features as bone bridge pins, the bound fingerboard, and even the abalone top binding. You heard it here first- we think that even the body binding on this J-45 contributes to its superior sound and if that were proven to be untrue, it certainly doesn't take anything away from it. It's the sum of all parts, right?

Folks, what I'm trying to say is, for under 5k, you can own a professional-grade instrument that will last you a lifetime and can be taken into any situation, from the aforementioned TV appearance to a lakeside campfire. It's definitely a versatile and appealing guitar that will serve you well for many years to come. Pickers and players, give us a call today. Christmas is right around the corner!

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