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2001 Gibson Les Paul R8 Riessue

Les Paul R8 Riessue
Lemon Burst
Today we are gonna discuss quality control. Webster's defines quality control as this:

A system of maintaining standards in manufactured products by testing a sample of the output against the specification.

Yeah, you read it here first, a standard. "Standard" should mean consistency, but when was the last time we saw consistency from Gibson? For as much as they cost, the guitar should be more than the icons who played them. You guys know what I speak of because I can tell you I've bought thousands of Les Pauls and there are differences between some eras and others. Case in point: this '01 Les Paul R8 in many aspects is a better guitar than all the hide glue rhetoric, slick salesmen in Nashville can heap on you.

Any guitarist worth his salt will tell you that what makes a guitar great are two things: 1. The guitar resonates well. 2. The way the neck feels in your hands. You see, the newest cookie cutter Les Pauls pretty much have that "beefy shoulder" kinda neck thing. "Square" at best but once again, not consistent with the way they were originally made. In the past, we've made the mistake of judging a guitar by the vertical strips that adorn her, right? Kinda like going for that hot, size 2 thing down at the office, only to find out she's on more Zanax that three doctors could prescribe. Style over substance my friends. Unlike the skirt you chased, don't fall for it on your guitar.

This guitar, weighing in at 8 lbs, 10 oz is far superior to the guitars you can buy off the rack today and the neck is the real story. It's the kinda neck you don't have to send to Historic Makeovers to get redone (once again, quality control.) This neck feels right and comfortable- not at all an exaggerated ball bat.

Now, I know I spoke of the "size 2" at the office and style over substance. As you can clearly see, this R8 has the style to along with the substance. That, my friends, is a win-win. I read (yes, people from the South can read) that Gibson made far fewer of the flamed R8's back in the day because why would you then pay the price for an R9? This guitar has been in my private collection for years, so whoever gets it will surely love it as much as I did. Remember people: "Quality" and that's what Ray and I have been doing with this company for years. Bringing you just that- quality.

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