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1964 Gibson SG Junior

SG Junior
Very Good
You know, getting the wrong guitar is like seeing someone make out with your girl. It might look good, but it surely doesn't feel the same. Same with a guitar as with women; They might look good but does it feel good in your hands? Get your head out of the gutter- I'm talkin' about the neck of the guitar, now come on.

I'd have to say 1964 was a prolific time for necks at Gibson. I mean certainly, you guys are familiar with Clapton's favorite 335 of all time that came from that era and so did Harrison's SG. The necks Gibson were putting out then was not actually those "baseball bat necks" players of the 50's struggled with nor was it the early sixties, thin neck profile Gibson invariably got complaints about. It had to be the "three bears" effect that was put in play here:" "This one's too big, this one's too thin, but this one is just right."

As with the bears is as with us- this neck is a comfortable C shape that's been wowing we guitarists for years. As for the guitar? Of course, it's original and crack free. I know, this Junior does have the Maestro Vibrato, but I always preferred the wrap around and that's exactly the way I had the guitar set up- for that rich tone, free from the Vibrato. Hey people, to each his own but for me, that's the way I did it because, well, it's been in my collection for years.

The case, on the other hand, isn't the original soft shell Archcraft case, but a period-correct vintage case from, dare I say another manufacturer. Believe me, this case is as cool as the other side of the pillow and has got the "gator" thing going on.

In closing people, if you are in the market for a guitar that fits you just right, then we got what you need right here. So, dare I say, take a "Shot in the Dark" and get you something cool, that feels right in your hands and put it to rest about catching your girl making out with anyone. Why? Because women love to compete and that she will when the girls get a load of you playing this. Isn't that why we started playing in the first place? Aw yeah, that's what I thought...

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